The Flipora toolbar is a cool web extension that integrates web history search to make the process of searching easier, and more liberating. At the same time, it makes suggestions (known as recommendations) based on your search history, providing you with content that YOU, as a user, and web explorer would like to see! That brings us to the point of this blog post. Think of this as a user guide to install Flipora for your internet explorer web browser, the tried-and-tested web browser that we old-timers will always cherish. To install the toolbar, simply follow the following instructions:

  1. Log into Flipora with Facebook, or an email address. Click on the profile tab , and then  on ‘Download’ in the drop-down menu tab.
  2. Click on the download tab which opens up in a new page, and then select ‘Yes’ to the prompt asking you whether you want to install the toolbar.
  3. Click On ‘Run’ in the next dialog box which quickly installs the Flipora toolbar.


Uninstalling the toolbar and its removal from your browser is an equally easy process, as shown by the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Start’ and then Control Panel , and open “Programs and Features” (or “Add or Remove Programs” if you are using a different version of Windows)
  2. Uninstall “Discovery Tools” and “Search Settings” programs, from the list of programs that show in the new window, and successfully uninstall Flipora toolbar from your internet explorer web browser.

If you still have any more queries about installation or uninstallation, visiting the official FAQS page on the Flipora web site is a great help. Here’s a link, if you have any more questions:

Here’s hoping this user manual helped you as much as it did me!